Nick Owen/MSF
Alice John, 17, is one of the patients being treated for cholera at the Gudele 2 cholera treatment centre (CTC). "When I started experiencing the signs of vomiting with slight diarrhoea, I developed fear in me, that I might die of cholera because I had no money for treatment. Fortunately, I am happy that MSF is providing us with cholera treatment. When my family told me about this Gudele 2 centre that no money had to be paid for treatment, I came straight away and now I am here being treated freely. I am happy the vomiting has reduced and diarrhoea has stopped, I am getting well."

Since the South Sudanese Ministry of Health declared a cholera outbreak in Juba, the countryÕs capital, on 15 May 2014, more than 1,306 patients have been treated for the disease, and 29 people have died as at 05 June 2014. MSF has set up a CTC in the district of Gudele 2, and two smaller CTCs in the two IDP camps in UN bases. There are several MSF Oral Rehydration points close to the affected areas of Juba, and support id provided to the MoH in the Juba Teaching Hospital.