In Hebron and East Jerusalem, MSF is running a medical and psychosocial programme for people suffering from trauma because of the conflict. MSF teams focus on people with psychological distress (acute stress, anxiety disorders, post traumatic syndromes, depression) caused by violent incidents involving Israeli settlers and Israeli Army, but also due to the intra-Palestinian conflict. In Hebron, MSF staff carried out 1726 individual mental health consultations and 945 medical consultations in 2011.
In the beginning of 2011, MSF conducted a needs assessment in East Jerusalem and decided to start providing in this part of the city mental health care to the population who suffers trauma or psychological distress due to the consequences of violence caused by the conflict and who has no access to mental health services. MSF therapies started in July in the Shufat refugee camp and Silwan area and since then MSF staff carried out 223 individual mental health consultations.