Kenya 2011 © Lynsey Addario/VII Photo
A 73-year-old man, far right, walks back to his family’s makeshift shelter in Dagahaley refugee camp after burying his second grandchild in two days. A man, his pregnant wife, and his father sat in a hut made of sticks, cloth, and cardboard on the outskirts of Dagahaley camp. Two of the couple’s children had died in the past two days. They were unable to speak, so the grandfather told their story. “I was a farmer,” he said. “I used to keep some livestock but all the animals died over the last three years and the farm dried up. We wanted to feed the children but there was nothing.” He continued: “We are worried … a new member to the family [means] we need to feed it milk. There is no milk for the child and it will very difficult for the baby to survive … the mother is weak.”