Kenya 2011 © Lynsey Addario/VII Photo
A father brings his malnourished baby daughter to MSF’s hospital in Dagahaley camp. A couple waited with their three children in a windswept dirt lot in the Dagahaley camp. They’d been told to come here so they could be moved to a new site, but no one had yet arrived to take them. “The conflict was easy compared to the famine,” he said. “I had always had trouble with the conflict but did not flee. But when the famine came up we had to run away for our lives.” No crops would grow, he added. “There was nothing to eat and there was nothing to plant. I had some goats and they all died. Nothing remained. We had six children – we lost two due to sickness during the drought.” He was worried about being taken somewhere far from MSF’s hospital in Dagahaley because his baby daughter was quite sick. “At the moment I don’t know what to do,” he said. “I should be relocated first then I’ll look for a way to take her back to the hospital.”