Abubakr Bakri/MSF
In January, Bauchi State, northeastern Nigeria, Bauchi state were affected by a cholera outbreak. More than 15,500 cases were reported in 5 months and about 14 000 of those were treated by MSF teams two treatment of cholera center. 40 to 45% of cases were severe, requiring hospitalization for intravenous rehydration. 30 oral rehydration points were set up by MSF in the district to treat non-severe cases.<br>
It is also important to contain the outbreak through preventive measures such as targeted hygiene measures to avoid contamination (especially of drinking water). In Bauchi, water supply is mainly from either public or private wells. A total of 3 536 wells were chlorinated, 33 150 house hold contacts were traced and about 6 000 modified hygiene kits were distributed to the most affected population.