John Moore/Getty Images
The outbreak is spreading rapidly in Monrovia, overwhelming the few medical facilities accepting Ebola patients. Much of the city’s medical system has shut down over fears of the virus among staff members and patients, leaving many people with no healthcare at all, generating an emergency within the emergency. MSF is rapidly scaling up its operations in Liberia as the international response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to be chaotic and entirely inadequate. In its first week, MSF’s ebola management centre – also known as ELWA3 – in the capital Monrovia, is already at capacity with 120 patients, and a further expansion is underway. The centre has eight tents, each with 15 beds, in separate sections for suspected and confirmed Ebola patients. On site, MSF is preparing for further construction and to erect three larger tents with space for 40 beds each. The team is planning to admit patients in these tents in the coming week. (MSF caption)