Ikram N'gadi
An Eritrean girl at transit camp in Augusta port. She feels safe now in Italy and is looking forward to her new life. She speaks four different languages and is confident about the future.

I came from Eritrea, through Sudan to Libya. I lived three months in Libya. There was a terrible war in Tripoli. There was no food or water available. The smugglers are the ones who beat you, take your money and take care of the trip (to Italy). My husband and I didn’t come together. He arrived first and I arrived the following day. When he saw me, he wanted to greet me so he was beaten. We were separated and stayed in different houses. Me, I was not hurt. But they say for a woman alone, things happen in the desert; there are rape and abuse cases; girls are taken away, they get pregnant. The Libyans use drugs and drink.

We spent three days in the desert. I saw three people buried; one had diabetes, he wanted a sip of water and food. They beat him and he died. They buried him in the desert and that was it. Death crossed my mind, yes. They beat you, they deprive you of food and water and they insult you. You cry day and night. You shed tears around the clock. You remember your homeland and when you call your parents, you lie; you say I am fine. You say I eat and drink, while you are sick and dying.