Sven Torfinn
Sizakela Nhlabatsi, 30, MDR-TB patient: ‘In March 2013 I became sick. I coughed a lot and felt pain in my chest. I went to the MSF clinic to be tested and I was diagnosed with MDR-TB. In the beginning the side effects of the medications were hard. My bones hurt, I could not walk, I had to vomit, had cramps. In the second month I wanted to give up treatment, but with the support of MSF I have succeeded to go on. Now I feel better, I can walk again and do not have to vomit anymore. ’
‘Nobody was able to take care of me, I am the oldest of 4 children, my parents have died. I live about 5 km from the clinic and was too sick to come to the clinic for the treatment. That’s why MSF decided to put me in CANA house. I am worried about my brothers, they have to survive without me and they have no income.’ Swaziland, Cana House (MSF residence for patients on treatment) in Makanyane. October 2013.