Maimouna Diallo/MSF
“Je suis sous traitement (ARV) depuis 10 ans. Je veux vivre encore 40 ans et pour cela je dois avoir un accès facile au traitement ».
English translation:« I’ve been on treatment for ten years. I want to live another 40
and for this I need an easy access to treatment » says Hassimiou Camara (44) from Conakry.

« I’ve been living with HIV since 2005, when I was tested and diagnosed after
falling gravely ill with tuberculosis, which is a common opportunistic infection for
people living with HIV. My two wives are HIV positive too, but thankfully our two
children are all negative thanks to the program that prevent transmission from mother
to child (PMTCT).
In Guinea stigma is everywhere, and I suffer from it at my former work place, from my
neighbors and friends who cut all ties with me and my family. There is only the association of other people living with HIV that help me fight on and live positively
with HIV. All I want is to live a normal life and fight stigma”.