Noor Muhammad/MSF
Ahmed Lahi Daya ia a 65 years old Farmer from Tipul Shah. He waits with other relatives outside of DHQ Hospital in Dera Murad Jamali for his grandson to be discharged.

We are a family of farmers. We work the whole day, from dawn to dusk in order to earn a few rupees. We cut the crop of rice, we dry the crop, collect it and then separate the grain. Sometimes we get sick and we have to come to this hospital. We can’t afford to go to a private clinic. Since four or five years ago I am bringing my children here whenever they get sick, have diarrhea or vomiting. MSF doctors say my grandson Abdurraman is malnourished. He is eight months old and has been in the ward for the last five days. He has been given medicines and is now fine. He will be discharged soon. We have to wait outside. There is only space inside for the mother. I will sleep outside with a blanket, while waiting for them.