Jongel Bugti is a 40 years old attendant. He brings his nephew to the ambulatory therapeutic feeding programme of MSF in the locality of Dera Allah Yar.

My nephew is one year old and weighs only 5,5 kilograms. This is the fourth time I visit MSF’s programme. I used to go to the facility located in my hometown of Sobatpur until it was closed. Now we have to pay for the transportation but the treatment benefits our children, so we keep on coming. The doctors give us some kind of chocolate called Plumpynut. With this medicine the children get better. It is not just my experience, everybody says the same here. I work the whole day to earn my livelihood. Our women also work in the field because we are poor. They don’t have time to breastfeed their children. Our main problem in Balochistan is the lack of education. This is the biggest constraint to change for better. God willing life is running like this.