Sandrine Tiller/MSF
Dr Yuri Orlov, a local Ukrainian doctor working at a health centre in Donetsk called Ambulatory #6. In response to the difficulties people now face in accessing basic healthcare, the MSF team is expanding its medical support to health centres in conflict-affected areas of Donetsk. One of the first of these outreach clinics is called ‘Ambulatory #6’ in Novostroika, a small coal mining village on the outskirts of Sharkhtiorsk in a rebel-held part of Donetsk. It is the first-line health service for some 7000 people living in five nearby villages, providing primary healthcare and referring people to hospital when needed. This small health centre has not received any medicines from the state system since August, and salaries for medical personnel have not been paid since the summer. With medical supply lines in the east of the country severely disrupted or cut entirely, and 2014 budgets exhausted months ago, many state institutions like ‘Ambulatory #6’ rely on volunteer support from local organisations for food, and from MSF for medical supplies and support to the health staff.