Marta Soszynska/MSF
*** Local Caption *** MSF has been working in the hospital in Paoua (173 beds) since 2006. Working alongside the Ministry of Health, our activities include emergency care, outpatient and inpatient treatment, internal medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics/maternity, HIV-AIDS and tuberculosis treatment, surgery and routine vaccination. MSF also supports a health centre in the town. Between March (when MSF took over the emergency room at the hospital) and October 2014, 9,640 consultations were provided at the hospital and 50,617 in the surrounding areas, 103 of which were for violence-related injuries. In total, an average of 59% of consultations concerned children under five and 76% were for malaria. There were 6,489 patients hospitalised in Paoua, including 1,208 suffering from malaria in the paediatric unit and 123 with violence-related injuries. Also, 1,976 surgical procedures were performed, 329 for violence-related injuries, and 1,213 children were admitted to our nutrition programme. MSF provided 7,890 antenatal consultations, assisted 1,354 natural deliveries and performed 128 caesareans. There were 6,148 children vaccinated against measles. MSF is treating 13,288 patients with HIV/AIDS and 8,730 are on antiretroviral treatment.