Dieter Telemans
Poeun Pech (29) was tested seropositive three years ago. She lives in Sunsa Village, Pourk District, about 20km away from the hospital. She often comes to the hospital for her medicine but is now staying in the HIV ward because her health has worsened. She is malnourished and receives special therapeutic food. When she was 18 she left to work in a massage parlor in Sihanoukville. She married there and has now 2 boys (1 and 3 years old). Her husband left her when he heard he was seropositive. She returned to her parents home. Her mother is looking after her. The transport to the hopital is a very big problem, the trip costs 5USD per person.
MSF in Cambodia has focused on an innovative approach, treating HIV/AIDS as a chronic disease alongside diabetes and hypertension, which also have high prevalence rates. In Takeo MSF increasingly focused during 2007 on developing treatment for patients affected by tuberculosis (including multi drug-resistant TB). These activities included training national health staff on TB management and renovating TB wards in Takeo.