Eymeric Laurent-Gascoin
North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, Patients in the waiting area of the Basic Health Unit, Peshawar district, North West Frontier Province (NWFP).
MSF has been supporting basic health units and carrying out mobile clinics in areas where there is a high concentration of displaced people. Out patient clinics have also been set up in camps. In June, an average of 3000 primary health care and ante natal consultations were carried out each week in all MSF projects for the displaced in the region. *** Local Caption *** A massive influx of displaced people fleeing fighting in Bajaur Agency (500 000 people) in August 2008 and in Swat and Buner in April 2009 (1 to 2 million people) has caused significant strain on local families and health centres all around the region. Between 80 90% of the displaced population are living with resident families and improvised settlements all around the NWFP. The rest are living in official displaced persons camps. The dispersion of the displaced population over a large area and the general insecurity in the region have been major factors limiting MSF action.