Corinne Baker/MSF
Dr Wael Kilani in a consultation in the ambulatory [health clinic] in Kuteynikovo, one of three small towns south-east of Donetsk, where MSF is running mobile clinics twice a week. In just the first three visits to Kuteynikovo, the MSF doctor provided 340 consultations, indicating the huge need in this area for basic healthcare and medicines. With medical supply lines in the east of the country severely disrupted or cut entirely, and health facilities located in rebel-held areas not included in 2015 budgets, there is a serious shortage of medicines. With banks closed for many months and pension payments cut in many areas, people have been delaying going to see a doctor simply because they cannot afford transport or medication. Even basic medications such as painkillers and cough syrup are out of reach for people who do not have access to cash. Patients with chronic diseases are particularly affected, so the MSF doctor is providing medications for treating heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and asthma, among other medicines.