Julie Remy
'From walking all that time without socks I ended up having huge blisters. It's OK now, but look, we can still see some of it': Said a 37 years old Afghan man who has done his entire journey without socks. 'I have been staying here in the brick factory for 2 weeks ½. The police took all my money and everything I had. They come every 2 or 3 days, either in the morning or in the night, and they burn everything. They burnt my bag with all my clothes in it. They stole 375 EUR from me. I cannot leave anymore as I have no more money. I don’t know what to do, I cannot leave this place, I cannot go back to my country… What I am supposed to do? Here the only problem is the police, Serbian people are good people but the police that come at the brick factory is bad.' A pair of warm socks was given to the man by the MSF team.