Julie Remy
Togolese man having to stay outside the asylum centre after being refused access says with tears in his eyes: I can't keep going like this without sleeping. It is maximum 5 minutes each time… I am beyond tired… I am too cold to sleep, I don't even have a blanket. I have to stay around the file outside to stay alive. I cannot sleep siting around the fire. We have to get the fire going. Why are we treated like criminals? It's been 4 days that we are freezing outside… And they denie us access. But why? We did all that is required. Went to the police station to ask for Asylum in Belgrade, but they refused to give us the papers and told us to go to Bogovadja, so we went, but here they again refused to give us the papers and denied us access in the centre... They told us to come back the next day as it was late when we arrived and that they would do it the next morning, but then, they didn't do anything the following morning, and then the weekend came and they told us they don't work during the weekend and to come back on Monday. What are we supposed to do during all that time... There is enough room to make everyone sleep inside the centre, we know it as we talk with the ones who managed to get in. Why do they leave us outside all that time in the cold. It is inhumain! I thought Europeans were good people. Now what am I supposed to think of them when they treat us worse than criminals?