Bomb damage to the upper floors of the abandoned school building used as a makeshift hospital in a beseiged neighbourhood of east Damascus.

"At the end of 2012, a semi-rural neighborhood located to the east of Damascus witnessed violent clashes. The area was packed with displaced people at the time, without any medical center to treat wounded people. I went there and decided to setup a field hospital. Following a search, I chose a deserted school that had previously been hit. The upper floors were damaged, but the ground floor, as well as the basement, were in a good shape. Despite the daily, continuous shelling on the area, and the constant fear and stress, the medical team with which I worked managed to provide tremendous medical care to those who needed it the most. " Dr S.

This photo is to accompany the testimony of Dr. S. which was entitled "Sleeping and resting were an impossible luxury - East Damascus".

The testimony was part of the package of comms to illustrate the 4th anniversary of the war in Syria. See the testimony for full details.