Ali Saadi/MSF
"When I was able to use my prosthetics and walk, I decided to go on visits to several hospitals, where there are people like me: they had injuries the same as mine; they had amputations similar to mine. Many of them have fear. And I encountered people who do not leave their rooms at all. People who do not move, who do not accept any of what happened to them. And so when they saw that I have this injury and I am walking, their daily conduct entirely changed. They started going out and moving around, started eating, started drinking, started seeing a smile on their. They are more accepting of the need to be treated."
Omar Al Balkhi, 29, was injured in a bomb blast in Daraa, Syria and treated at first in a field hospital. He was later transferred to the MSF War Trauma surgical project at Al Ramtha hospital in Jordan in order to undergo multiple surgeries.