Nick Owen/MSF
Mothers and their children sit in the waiting area of the ambulatory therapeutic feeding centre (ATFC) in MSF’s hospital in Leer, Unity state, South Sudan. The nutritional situation in Leer is shocking. When the conflict tore through the town in late January/early February, stocks of food were looted and people’s houses razed to the ground. The MSF hospital in Leer was, in effect, destroyed, and the MSF teams were forced to evacuate. As people fled into the bush, they survived on little but lily roots and whatever else could be scavenged. Since then, the ongoing fighting has made it difficult for people to plant crops. The MSF hospital re-opened at the beginning of May 2014 and as of Friday, 13th June 2014, 1,713 children were enrolled in MSF’s ATFC in Leer, with 15 severely malnourished children admitted into the intensive therapeutic feeding centre (ITFC).