Malak Shaher/MSF
About a month ago I left Sa’ada with my family. The airstrikes hit places that were just some 20 or 30 meters from our house. When we left Sa’ada we were only carrying our clothes and some important items. We came here with no furniture. Some good people donated mattresses and blankets for us. Khamer is a peaceful town but we live in difficult conditions. We are five families living in the same house. Each family lives in one room. The water is very expensive as the water trucks do not move due to the fuel shortage.
I used to earn my living by working on a motorbike, but with no fuel I could not move my source of income from Sa’ada to Khamer. I want to go back home to my place in Sa’ada but I cannot with the airstrikes still ongoing and as I am responsible for keeping my family in a safe place.