Gabriele François Casini/MSF
25 years old from Eritrea. Missing the left leg.

There’s no possibility I can work in Eritrea. The government does nothing to help people with disabilities. I lost my leg because Eritreans soldiers shot me. I didn’t get any medical attention for 1 week. After that a doctor came to see me but it was too late. I had gangrene and they had to cut my leg. I spent two months in the hospital and then I went back home. But I couldn’t find work. At that point I went to Sudan where I spent 4 months. There I was arrested by the Sudanese police and I was put in jail for 1 month. They told me that if I wanted to get out of jail I had to pay 2000$, so I paid and they took me to the Libyan border.

Libya is not good. I arrived there together with 75 other people in a bus from Sudan and armed men, maybe soldiers, took us. There is no food, they give you only one piece of bread per day. We spent 2 months there. People in Libya are very bad. There is no law. Every person you meet hits you. It is such a hardship. There I was asked to pay other 2000$ to be put on a boat to Europe. Now that I have been rescued I feel safer and more comfortable than I did in months. In the boat you couldn’t move at all. Here we have space and food. I hope that in Europe I will be able to find a job despite my limp. I want healthcare and work.