Ikram N'gadi
I decided to leave Nigeria because I am married and my husband works in Libya. So I had to come to Libya to take care of my husband. Staying in Libya is not easy. The fight is too much. You don’t sleep at night and if you go to work before you come back they’ll bust into your house, take your property, rape your wife. They do such horrible things. They kill Nigerians anyhow, so it is not safe for we Nigerians . Due to my condition [pregnant] it is very risky but I can’t go back to Nigeria either. So my husband's brother came from Nigeria to accompany me to Italy and wait for my husband to follow. I’m not too fine. I’m feeling feverish so I need somebody to stay with me. I said to my husband that if I have to go alone I won’t go. That’s why my brother came to watch me until my husband comes and meets me. I was the only pregnant woman in the boat we came with. It is risky for women to travel but they do what they do because they are not comfortable where they are. Libya is not a place for someone to stay. You can work but they will burst into your house and collect everything you worked for. So it is not a place to stay and that’s why we take the risk of entering into this water and go to Europe to look for a better life. We believe Europe is better than Libya. I hope my baby will have a better life but I know it’s going to be farther.