Two rescued woman hug each other after being rescued by the Bourbon Argos at about 30 Nautical Miles from the Libyan Coast.

On 15 May, 477 people were rescued from a fisherman's boat by MSF about 30 nautical miles north of the Libyan Coast. 17 were children, 141 women and 319 men, attempting to cross towards Europe.

Samyawit, 23 years old, left Eritrea by foot to reach Sudan where she stayed in a refugee camp. Then went to Libya crammed with about 30 people in a pick-up truck. "Three people fell off the truck as it was too packed, one broke his leg and two died on the way. The smugglers pushed their bodies off on the road and continued without caring... Then when we reach Libya, I had to wait 3 months in detention. At nights, Libyan guards came and put a gun on my head and were taking two women at a time for the night. They did that every night... I would never do this trip again if I knew. All I want is freedom, a job and send some money back to my family. I want peace.