Tufay Basfil, from Eritrea has been on the road for 5 years to escape his country's military regime. 'In Eritrea, we all need to do our military service. It never ends. We have to serve 10 years without decent salary. We get about 10 $ per month; it is not enough to feed our families. I left alone and went by foot to Camp # 26 in Sudan. It is a camp near the border with only Eritreans. I stayed there for 5 years, but the police was asking for bribes and money as soon as they knew that someone was working, so I left. It took us 7 days from Sudan to the Libyan border. We were about 30 in the a pick-up truck. The driver was going very fast and two of us fell off, but they didn't stop. Lots of people died along the way. The Libyan militias were screening us and were cutting the heads of the non muslims near Benghazi. Once in Tripoli, I was emprisonned for 5 months by the smugglers, waiting for a boat ride to reach Europe. If anyone dared asking for anything they were shooting in the air right above our heads with the bullets falling back down over us. While some would hold us, others would beat us or burn us. We were given only a small portion of pasta to share for 10 men once a day. Some of us did not even get one noodle as there was not enough for all of us. The water was foul and salty. It was very violent in Libya. Even if women were pregnant, they didn't care. A woman lost her 3 year old baby only 3 days before we got on the fishing boat. All I want is to live in peace.