Freweini, 38 years old, from Sanaf in Eritrea. "My husband passed away, I have 3 children of my own and take care of two others and my mother is ill. I haven’t talked to them since I left two months ago. I started having back problems 3 years ago. Before I could run everywhere, and do what I wanted. Now I can barely walk. I have to use crutches and it is very painful everyday. I decided to find a way to leave Eritrea because of my back problems. I need to have a surgery. I tried to get care at home, but they had no material for surgery there unless I could find 30,000 $, so I traditional medicine where they used fires, but all it did was to burn my skin and it didn’t remove the pain. Now I have marks everywhere on my body. So, I decided to leave and walked with my crutches on my own after the people from the shops and the rest of the village helped me collect enough money to pay for the trip to Khartoum and then to Libya. I walked for 12 hours to Khartoum and then I took a pick-up truck from Khartoum to Libya before getting on a boat in Libya. I have been helped all along the way from the other people. Everyone has been very helpful. Lifting me up when needed, carrying me at times. I am very thankful to everyone who helped me. Then I got on the boat. I had no idea how long it would take, but you came and rescued us. I don’t care which country I go to in Europe. All I want is to get my surgery and help my children. I hope I will be able to walk normally again soon."