Francesca Mapelli/MSF
“My name is Idowy and these are my children. We come from Nigeria but we lived in Libya for 4 years, where we had a normal life, working and living all together.
One day we (the family) were inside the house and some guys came in with a gun, they threatened us and they took my husband, they tried to kill me. In the end, they left me and my children, but we couldn’t find peace there. We had to hide. We were hiding all the time and we couldn’t come out. The guys came back and we were scared. We had to move away.
We went to the shore because we needed to get to the boats. I have my children and I had to save them. I knew if I would leave, I would have peace. That’s why I took my children and we ran away, joining the boats.
I don’t really know where we were going to, but I believed that when I would be inside the boat I would be free, and I would be safe from the threatening, the guns… I have my children in my life and I have to take care of them.
I thank god that we’re alive, me and my children, and I am really happy.”
Idowy and her children were rescued in the Mediterranean Sea by the MSF Bourbon Argos search and rescue vessel, June 7, 2015.