Francesca Mapelli/MSF
Joshua soon got used to life on the MSF Bourbon Argos, mostly after being introduced to real search and rescue equipment by nurse Tine.

“Joshua charmed me with his bright smile and his lazy eye” said Tine, Norwegian nurse on the MSF Bourbon Argos. “He was very trusting, I held him in my arms and he just stayed there until he fell asleep. He really loved our radios and helmets, he couldn’t stop playing. Before I came here the one thing I was scared of was having a lot of people being sick, and I was preparing to handle emergencies on a technical side. But when these people came onboard, and especially that little boy who hugged me so much, I really understood that they simply are people, exactly as us, smiling, talking, so resourceful, with nothing different from us. And in few minutes they could be at the bottom of the sea, instead that in their home.”