Alessandro Penso
Muhammed (not real name), 18 years old, fled from Idlib in Syria after he was wounded in a missile explosion. He says he is anxious about the journey that lies ahead of him:
“The smuggler lied to us. He said: when you get to Greece, it’s going to be easy to get to the other countries in EU, you just take some ticket and leave and it will be easy. When I came here I realized that that’s not the case and that I have to walk, there’s no other way.
I am very nervous about crossing border, because I have heard many stories of people getting beaten. But my main concern right now is that if something bad happens, my family won’t know what happened to me.
I have been told that you have to cross Macedonia and once you get into Serbia everything will be alright. They give you papers and you can use it and you can go to Hungary. After that you get into Austria and you are going to be fine.
I don’t regret the decision to leave Syria. If I was back there, either I would have to fight in the army or I would be dead by now. And I can’t go back to Turkey, if I go back there, there will be nothing for me.”