GREECE 2015 © Georgios Makkas/Panos Pictures
Leila (left) 31 and Jorahan 35 from Kunduz Afghanistan boil water to make tea in Kara Tepe camp.

Sitting by the fire, Leila is preparing some tea for her husband and children. They arrived at Kara Tepe camp seven days ago and are living in a small tent that they bought in a local shop.

“Life is very difficult here for us. We don’t have enough food and we are almost out of money. There are no cooking facilities, so we cook food and make tea on an open fire. There are many people from Afghanistan in this camp and all of us we just want to get our papers and leave the island. This is not a place for humans to stay.
I want to thank the Greek coastguard for saving our lives. We came in a very small boat that was full of people. It was very windy, the sea was rough and the boat capsized. Thank God the coastguard came and saved us. I am thankful we are all alive.”