Luca Sola
MALAWI. Lilongwe. June 2015. Maula Prison.

As of July 20th there were 193 Ethiopian migrants detained in Maula prison because of their illegal status. They were all on their way to South Africa is hope for a better future. They are detained all together in a single cell (portrayed here in this picture) designed to house 50 to 60 people, resulting in extreme overcrowding conditions. 160 of them had finished their sentence by June 12th but were still detained.
Overcrowding is a dire issue in Maula prison that is currently at three times its intended capacity. The water and sanitation situation in the prison is critical and is well below the minimum requirements as defined by humanitarian agencies during an acute emergency. In Maula prison there is one tap for 900 people where the minimum requirement during an emergency is one tap per 200-250 people; and one latrine for 120 people against a minimum of one latrine per 20-50 people.