Luca Sola
MALAWI. Lilongwe. June 02, 2015. Maula Prison.

Tamsgen Bakele, 18yo, from Ethiopia. He left Ethiopia around October 2014 due to the bad economical conditions and the lack of work and food. “My family does not produce enough food because we are poor.” He says.[NB he is one of the few Muslim Ethiopians in Maula Prison. He is portrayed in the prison's mosque.
He planned to go to South Africa to look for a better job in order to help his family in Addis Abeba. He travelled through Kenya and Tanzania. According to what he declared: "In Tanzania some thieves stole my passport and all my money. Despite that I continued my journey to South Africa". He reached the Malawian border near Karonga, a small town in the homonym District in the North of the country, near Lake Malawi, on May 15th, 2015. While he was in Mzuzu, the capital of Malawi's North region, he felt sick so he couldn't continue his trip. Few days later Malawian Police arrested him for illegal immigration and is currently detained in Maula Prison.

Now he is appealing to Malawian Government to be released and deported back in Ethiopia because, according to what he declared, "the journey to South Africa is too dangerous especially without legal paper and money. I'm in worry for my life and I'm scared to spend more time in another prison because without money or the support of your family that give you some proper food I seriously risk to fall ill due the malnutrition".
He has finished his sentence in May and he feels he is being detained illegally. He is appealing to the Malawi Government to release him and deport him back home. He wants to go back home because of the hardships he has faced on his journey to South Africa.