Louise Annaud/MSF
A cholera vaccination campaign to protect refugees in the overflowing Nyarugusu camp in Tanzania has been completed on the 27th of july 2015. More than 130 000 person have been vaccinated in less than a week. This was the second round of the campaign, in response to an outbreak that occurred among the refugees in May this year.

The number of people living in Nyarugusu has more than doubled in three months, with political unrest and violence in Burundi driving some 82,000 Burundians to cross the Tanzanian border and join the 64,000 Congolese who have been living in the camp for nearly twenty years. This rapid influx of refugees has overwhelmed all services and humanitarian organizations are still struggling to provide enough water, food and shelter. Newcomers live in inhumane conditions, crammed into overcrowded shelters, affecting their health and giving rise to the potential risk of epidemics.