© Brendan Bannon/MSF
Foreground: Nyaniema Gatluak and her son PY who is sick with Pneumonia. "We came in because of the fighting. We always heard gun shooting day and night so we ran into the camp," said Gatluak. In the background is Peter Gatkoth who brought his daugher to the hospital. "We are like people who have never been born. We have nothing now. No cattle and no crops," said Peter Gatkoth, father of 5 year old Nyaga Gatkoth who was in the MSF hospital in Bentiu POC with severe Malaria. "We came in May after our cattle were looted and our houses were burned. If they found us they would throw us into the fires. This crisis is still going on." Gatkoth said. Photo by Brendan Bannon September 2017. Bentiu POC, South Sudan.