Kim Clausen/MSF
« I saw in Kunduz a real human approach to medicine. There was real attention and care for the patient: the medical staff treats first and foremost a man, a kid, a woman, rather than a wound, a fracture or a case. Kunduz province is shaken by conflict and most of the time; patients had to go through serious suffering before reaching the Trauma center. First there was the incident: it may have been an explosion, an errant bullet, a mine or car accident. Then there was the struggle to reach the center of Kunduz, because transportation is expensive and the roads are tortuous and too often dangerous. They come to the MSF trauma center after a long hour journey, in shock. Our doctors, surgeons, orthopedists or nurses do not confine themselves to treating the symptoms: they take care of them, they listen to them. We see the gesture, the dialogues and the looks. The patient is really at the heart of the preoccupation.”