Olmo Calvo
Malta's location in the Mediterranean Sea has made it a common port of disembarkation for migrants and asylum seekers setting off from the coast of Libya on their way to Europe. However, as a result of increased patrols in the Mediterranean, the number of migrants reaching Malta has dropped significantly. In 2008, 2700 people landed on the island. Form january to October 2010, only 28 made it to its shores. The small number of new arrivals hides the increasing suffering of those who embark on a dangerous journey only to be stopped short of their final destination. It also masks the plight of migrants who are already in Malta, stranded on an island where daily life is a struggle and prospects for the future are grim. MSF started working in Malta in August 2008, when hundreds of newly arrived migrants were being locked up in detention centres where conditions were a serious threat to their health. MSF denounced these conditions and continued working on the island. In 2010, MSF focused on providing psychological care to migrants and asylum seekers trying to overcome trauma, depression and other mental health problems resulting from their previous experiences, current difficulties in Malta and failed attempts to leave the island. MSF is closing the project in Malta in December 2010.