On october 26th, the Haydan hospital we support in northern Yemen has been hit by several air strikes. The first bombing took place at 22:30 local time and last midnight.
Miriam, project coordinator in Saada, went this morning Haydan, but could not enter the building because there were still bombs that had not exploded.
The hospital is completely destroyed: the emergency room, OPD, IPD, the laboratory, motherhood and the block. But the bombing did not cause any casualties. Only one person was slightly injured. Staff and two hospitalized patients could leave the building after the first strike.
This hospital was still functional only for the whole Haydan region which has a population of about 200,000 inhabitants. On average 150 patients had received emergency a week by personnel from the Department of Health that is supported with incentives.
The Haydan region bordering Saudi Arabia is in Sa'ada governorate, which is controlled by the Houthis. It is bombarded every day by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia.