Juan-Carlos Tomasi
SUCRE, BOLIVIA. CHAGAS. In Bolivia, nearly 3.7 million people are at risk of contracting Chagas disease and about 1.8 million people are already living with it. According to estimates, there could be 30% of affected people in Tarija while 60% could be threatened by it. Chagas disease poses a serious social and public heath problem in many Latin American countries, where 18 million people are already infected and 100 million are at risk of suffering from the disease. Chagas kills approximately 43,000 people in the region.
Chagas is a silent killer disease. The affected people do not know they are infected until they are attained by heart or digestive disorders in the already chronic phase of the pathology, when it is already too. And it is also a silenced disease lacking the will of those who should and could be looking for a way to solve a problem affecting and killing many people in the American continent. Currently, MSF is implementing a Chagas Disease Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment Project in the Entre RÌos Province, Tarija, and on the outskirts of Sucre town, Chuquisaca. Here we followed an MSF team from the moment they started visiting the different households in the town in search of potentially affected children until they later tested them for Chagas.