Sandra Smiley/MSF
Portrait of 38 year old Bébé Magazinii, a patient on antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) at the Mbankana General Hospital , Kinshasa.

"I was diagnosed in 2011 in this same hospital. They put me on ARVs and since then I take them every day. I mean, almost every day.

One day I came to pick up my medication as usual . But they gave me nothing and told me to come back in three days instead. I returned three days later, and then they told me that there were more drugs because of a stock out, and that I had to take Cotrimoxazole , which defends you against viruses.
I lost 5 kilos. I had pain, I had a fever. I work here as a medical officer at the hospital, but I had to take sick leave when the symptoms become unbearable'