Andrea Bussotti/MSF
paediatric care unit in N’Djamena Bilala hospital.*** Local Caption *** In central Chad, a nutritional quick evaluation run by MSF in March 2012 showed global malnutrition rates up to 20%. End of March, MSF started a nutritional program in Yao district, Batha region. Low population density and access constrains, especially during rainy season, made MSF adopt an innovative approach: proactively screening severe acute malnutrition cases through MUAC in health centres and villages, while distributing one-month RUTF rations instead of one week as usually done.
Paediatric consultations and support to routine vaccination (EPI) are provided as well.
Complicated malnutrition cases are referred to a MSF-run paediatric care unit in N?Djamena Bilala hospital.