Jean-Christophe Nougaret/MSF
Corinne Torré, MSF Field coordinator in Mathare, presents the location of the slums on the East sides of Nairobi map. *** Local Caption *** In Mathare, the MSF clinic called “Lavander House”, receives more than 200 new victims of sexual violence every month. The clinic is the only medical structure opened 24 hours a day welcoming these patients in Mathare slums, in the East sides of Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.
24 hours a day, an ambulance is ready to pick up the victims close to where they have been assaulted. They are first taken in charge by a community worker who takes the first care of them and report of their story. He / she, carries blankets or clothes to protect them, as they are often left in severe physical conditions after the violence of the aggression.
When they arrive at the clinic they are in extreme state of shock, both physical and psychological. In the center a counselor fully documents what happened to them. Then a medical officer sets up a medical examination and takes samples that maybe used to document a judicial case. She provides with first treatment and vaccination, as well as anti-retro viral to prevent HIV infection after rapid exposure test rapid exposure test. Victims are mainly women and infant. They are aged from few months to more than 80 years old.
To raise awareness, prevent sexual violence and inform inhabitants about the availability of medical and social assistance within MSF Mathare program, an outreach team regularly visit the community.