Sa'adia Khan/MSF

Kulsoom is 20 years old. She has just completed his treatment against hepatitis C and is now cured from the disease.

Kulsoom has been married for three and a half years to Ajab. They have an 18 month old daughter, Rumaissa. Ajab’s father passed away three years ago from Hepatitis C.

Ajab is one of eight siblings, four brothers and three sisters. The younger three are still studying and it is the older two who support the entire household. Hepatitis C took their father at a young age and left the burden of the family on the elder two’s shoulders. Therefore when Ajab learned that Kulsoom also had Hepatitis C it was alarming for the entire family. “We all just wanted her to be cured” adds Ajab.

Ajab has supported his wife unequivocally during her treatment and is ecstatic that her treatment is complete and she is cured of Hepatitis C. He says that he hopes that MSF will expand their program to accommodate more needy and deserving people.