Sa'adia Khan/MSF
Nabi Alam (19)

Nabi Alam lives in Bengali Para, Machar Colony. Nabi is nineteen years old. He has three brothers and three sisters. He works as a science teacher at the government school in Machar Colony, teaching chemistry, biology and physics. Nabi Alam had planned to continue his education in medicine abroad in China. As part of the application process it was mandatory for him to have a medical checkup, that’s how he discovered he had Hepatitis C.

Nabi’s dream of attaining his Bachelor of Medicine had been temporarily paused. When Nabi showed the test results to his father, he was told that he may had been passed on the virus during his mother’s pregnancy.

The MSF Health Promotion outreach team informed Nabi that treatment was available at the MSF Machar Colony Clinic. Subsequently Nabi’s treatment commenced and it seems that it is having positive results. He has however decided to change his plan and not leave the country but rather launch an initiative called ‘The Light of Knowledge’. After his day job at school, Nabi helps teach some 400 local children who otherwise have no access to a classroom.