Sa'adia Khan/MSF
Tahira stands outside her house, nearby her parent’s place. They were able to help her during her illness. Tahira, 41, is married and has two children, a nine year old son and an eight year old daughter. They live in an ally in Madina Colony, Baldia Town where some of their relatives also live including their grandparents.

Nine years ago Tahira discovered she had contracted Hepatitis C. She went through two six month courses of treatment. These courses consisted of courses of injections that for her caused extreme side effects and suffering. During this time her family was looked after by her extended family who were in close proximity.

During the progression of Tahira’s second course of treatment her husband who works in a workshop was unable to maintain the costly expensive injections she required. It was at this time that she heard of the MSF Clinic in Machar Colony, and she then started her third course of treatment there.

She decided the initiative to have all her immediate and extended family checked for the virus too. Her younger sister Saira also had Hepatitis C, Saira was pregnant at the time. Unfortunately Saira lost her baby days after her birth. Saira believes that she lost the baby due to her having the Hepatitis virus during her pregnancy.

“I was beautiful before, I had clear skin. This illness has aged me but had it not been for MSF I could have lost my life and that would have been much worse for my children.”