Lana Abramova
Ilyas, 59 is a pensioner from Zavodskoy district of Grozny and an XDR TB patient on ambulatory treatment. He’s been following his treatment course for almost two years and is due to complete it in October 2015. Ministry of Health nurse Zarema observes his treatmentdaily when he comes to the local polyclinic daily to take his drugs. MSF supports Ministry of Health nurses treating XDR TB patients.
Ilyas was first diagnosed with TB back in 1975 while serving in the army. He underwent treatment several times, had a surgery on his lungs, but had numerous relapses: Since 1997 I was on treatment every year - he says. But the treatment didn’t work for him. When Ilyas was finally diagnosed with XDR TB and admitted to the MSF programme in October 2013 the treatment started to work. By February his tests showed he was negative for TB. At first he experienced side effects from drugs like nausea and weakness, but gradually the side effects disappeared and now he’s feeling well. The main thing about this disease is to keep calm and follow the treatment regimen, Ilyas says.