Louise Annaud/MSF
In Lebanon, MSF has included sexual and reproductive health services in all of its clinics, to provide an answer to the needs.
Majdal Anjar clinic (where picture has been taken), is on of MSF's four structures in the Bekaa valley. In May 2015, 1878 sexual reproductiv ehealth consultations have been provided. This number includes antenatal consultations, post natal care, family planning and gyneacologist consultations. The teams have also been trained to provide specific care and support to sexual of gender based violence, but no case have been reported in the last three month.

Women's day take place every weeks in the clinic, where sensitization sessions are organized to allow women to discuss about the sensitive issues of reproductive health and women's health.

Marie-Ange and a Syrian volunteer who has just joined the MSF team animate a session on periods during women's day.