Luca Sola
65 year old Amine at a at a camp for displaced people at the Central Mosque in Bangui.

Amina is from Bouca in the north of the country. One morning around 5am, armed groups surrounded her neighbourhood and pushed all Muslims inside a house and then set the house on fire. Amina was in a neighbour’s house watching the scene from the window. She was saved thanks to a Christian who protected and allowed her and some other mothers to escape. Amina found her four daughters and fled. One of her daughters paid for a ticket to go to Bangui while her daughters fled to Chad. That was three years ago, Amina often calls her daughters who now live in a refugee camp in Chad. Hachta (40), Apsita (35) and Kadidja (28) are healthy but have not been able to find work. Mariam (30), her fourth daughter died at his arrival in the camp following an illness. Amina would like to join her daughters but due to lack of money, she cannot. Today Amina survives thanks to the solidarity of the displaced families in the mosque, and the distribution of food in the camp.