Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi
Amin Yel sits with her three children on a mattress in the hallways of the MSF hospital in Aweil city. An overflow of malaria patients has left the hospital with no available beds in the wards. Amin and her husband arrived at the hospital with three of their children after having walked five hours from their home village of Nyalath in Aweil Center county. At that point, six-year-old Ajok Akual had lost consciousness. She had been sick for 15 days. They had taken her to a nearby government-run health care unit (PHCU) a few days prior but the PHCU had no medicine in stock, and there wasn't any available for purchase in the market either. Four-year-old James Akual soon also fell ill, and when there was no nearby solution to be found, the family decided to make the journey to the MSF hospital in Aweil city. They brought their youngest son along as well, because he still needed to be breastfed regularly. At the MSF hospital, Ajok and James were both diagnosed with malaria and given the appropriate treatment and medicine.