17 year old Mohammed, photographed at his home in Madaya. He died of
malnutrition two days after this photograph was taken.

For 5 months he had been a trauma patient with neurological damage. Because
of the total siege around Madaya town, the treatment the medics could offer
him was insufficient and there was almost nothing for him to eat. By the
time international aid convoys arrived in January 2016, he was in an
extremely weak state, and the medics, who have no specific training in
treatment of malnutrition, were unable to prevent him getting increasingly
malnourished and weak. Despite the convoys, more than a hundred
malnutrition cases have been identified by the local medical team in

Photo taken 2nd April 2016

This photo is only to be used to accompany MSF's April 2016 besieged areas

The face has been blurred in order to protect family members still living
in the besieged area.

Photo provided by MSF Supported medics